Transmission line nears completion : Manthali-Khimti-Dhalkebar 220 kV


    The Manthali-Khimti-Dhalkebar 220 kV double-circuit electrical transmission line is nearing the finish line and is slated for completion by mid-July this year.

    Construction of the single-circuit transmission line had been halted for many years and was completed recently. After the completion of the single-circuit, work began on the double-circuit line and is expected to be completed soon.

    The work for single circuit stalled for several years as residents of Sindhuli obstructed the erecting of poles and wire connections due to unresolved issues of land acquisition.

    Head of the project, Shyam Yadav, said, “About seven and a half kilometres of electrical transmission line needs to be connected from Manthali to Halde of Tilpung.”

    The project is contracted to Munbari Joshi/Dalima and Gunjyam JV. Gunjyam JV is a Chinese company.

    Nepal Electricity Authority transmits 50 megawatt electricity purchased from India to Kathmandu through Dhalkebar—Khimti transmission line. A total of 80 megawatt electricity is being moved from this electrical transmission line with 30 megawatt from the Khimti hydroelectricity project also being transmitted on the transmission line.

    The electricity imported from India can only be evacuated via this transmission line.

    According to Yadav, although the transmission line is meant to transfer electricity from the western side to eastern side of Kathmandu valley, it can be utilised for multiple purposes. The transmission line will also serve as the main line to transfer electricity generated from dozens of hydroelectric projects like Tama Koshi, Khimti and Likhu hydroelectric projects.

    Within a year, the electricity generated from the Upper Tama Koshi Hydroelectricity Project will be transmitted through this transmission line. Within two and a half years, power transmitted from the Likhu-4 hydroelectric project will also be added to this transmission line.

    Another transmission line from Khimti to Khadichaur of Sindhupalchok Sunkhoshi hydroelectric project site is under construction. With the completion of this transmission line and the new Khimti sub-station being constructed by the Nepal Electricity Authority, up to 1000 megawatt electricity could be imported to or exported from the country.

    The project’s contracting was finalised in 2002 with Rs1.25 billion loan assistance from the World Bank.

    Another project with loan assistance from the World Bank is underway for rural electrification in Dolakha, Ramechhap, Sindhuli and Dhanusha districts. Under this ongoing project, about 38 village municipalities in Ramechhap district alone will be electrified.

    Source : The  Kathmandu Post