Temporary Power Interruptions Scheduled for Soltimode-Rabi Bhawan Area Today


KATHMANDU, May 6: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has announced temporary interruptions to electricity supply in various areas of Kathmandu due to ongoing undergrounding of wires. The scheduled power outage occured from 11 AM  and will continue till 3 PM.

Affected areas include those serviced by the Kuleshwar, Kirtipur, and Jorpati distribution centers, with disruptions expected until Friday.

The NEA has initiated the undergrounding of electrical distribution lines, necessitating temporary interruptions in power supply beginning Sunday.

Yesterday, there was a power cut from Force Bus Park to Tej Binayak Chowk under the Gothatar Feeder (Jorpati Distribution Centre).

Under the Kuleshwar distribution center, the power supply will be halted from Soltimode to Rabi Bhawan today. On Tuesday, disruptions will occur under the Gothatar feeder (Jorpati distribution center) from Force Bus Park to Tej Binayak Chowk.

Similarly, on Wednesday, electricity distribution will be disrupted in the Chhauni Hospital area under the Tahachal and Chamati feeder (Kuleshwar distribution center).

Thursday will see power cuts from Tej Binayak Chowk to Mantar Chowk under the Gothatar feeder (Jorpati distribution center).

Finally, on Friday, electricity distribution will be halted from Dhalpak Chowk to Rarahill Chowk under the Machhegaun feeder (Kirtipur distribution center).

Source: Republica