Tanahun Hydro start Erecting Transmission Line Towers


The construction of 69 towers of the transmission line of Tanahun hydropower project under construction in Rishing rural municipality-1, Jhaputar of Tanahun has been announced by Tanahun hydropower project.

Rajabhai Shilpkar, the head of the project, said that under the third package of the project, under the construction of the transmission line, the construction of the number of towers has been completed and the tower foundation has reached the final stage. He informed that the allocation of land in Tanahun and Chitwan has been determined and distributed to build the tower for the construction of the transmission line.

According to the project, a double circuit transmission line of 220 KV will be constructed from Damauli to Bharatpur in Chitwan. According to the project, a total of 94 towers will be constructed for the construction of transmission lines. The transmission line construction work has been awarded to the Indian company KEC.

923 ropani five annas land has been acquired for construction of transmission line. According to the head of the project, Tamrakar, land belonging to Byas Municipality-13 and 14, Bandipur Rural Municipality-6, Ambukhaireni Rural Municipality-6, Devghat Rural Municipality-4 and 5 has been acquired.

It is said that the construction of the transmission line, which should have been completed a year earlier, has been delayed due to the covid-19 epidemic and the Ministry of Forestry’s delay in giving permission for tree felling in the forest area. Under the first package of the project, structures including a 140-meter high dam are being constructed by Song Da Corporation, Vietnam-Kalika Construction Pvt Ltd Nepal JV. Under which, for the construction of the main dam, the necessary diversion tunnel, digging of the upper part of the dam and slope, upgrading of the entrance road etc. are being done.

Sino Hydro, China is doing the second package including construction of tunnel, power house and other works of the project. The overall construction of the project is targeted to be completed by June 2083. For the first 10 years of electricity production, the annual average electricity production will be 587.7 million units, then 489.99 million units will be produced.

Source: Ghorkahapatra