Tamor River Transforming: 16 Hydel Projects on the Horizon



The district of Taplejung has received a huge investment in hydropower projects in Tamor river, the main river in the district, and other rivers.

Officials shared that 16 hydroelectricity projects are under construction in Tamor river and as high as 1,654.51 megawatt of power is expected to be generated.

According to the Department of Electricity Development, 14 hydropower projects in the river are exclusively based in Phaktanglung Rural Municipality and two other projects are in other local levels.

Likewise, four hydropower projects are being constructed in Mewakhola (river) that flows through Mikwakhola Rural Municipality. The projects in Mewakhola are expected to produce 178.42 megawatt of power.

The Department said four projects are under development in Kabeli river and the projects there would generate 95.43 megawatt of power.



Source: Himalayan Times