Tamakoshi Equipment Stranded In Birgunj


    BIRGUNJ, Aug 25:  Main equipment brought for Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project have been lying on the road in Birgunj for the past one month. The equipment brought from Bhopal, India are lying on the road near Sirsiya dry port.

    These equipment have been brought by Kumar Transport Service of New Delhi in two 90-wheel trucks that can carry 500 tons. The trucks have remained here as the road to project site Gongar in Dolakha was destroyed at different places by the earthquake on April 25, and the bridges on the road to the project site are narrow. Driver of one of the trucks Ompal said the trucks have reached Birgunj eight months after they were loaded. He revealed they had heard about the earthquake when they were in Jhansi near the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. “We knew about the state of road and bridges only when we entered Nepal and have been stopped here,” he added.

    He revealed that the trucks have been brought carefully travelling just 6-10 kilometers a day due to the heavy weight and length of the trucks. The road must be at least 12.50 feet wide for these trucks to pass. He said the contractor has phoned to wait in Birgunj saying some of the bridges on the way to Tamakoshi are not as wide. “Three similar trucks that had brought equipment for Tamaksohi earlier had returned back unloading the equipment at Birgunj. But we have been stuck,” another driver Ramkrishna said. “We could not even find an appropriate godown to unload the equipment. It is still not possible to unload due to the incessant rainfall,” he reasoned.

    He complained about running out of money and food after being away from home form such a long time. “We have heard that it will take at least three years for the road and bridges in Nepal to be repaired. The regular banda has made things worse on top of that,” he rued.

    There is also risk of security as important equipment of the national pride project have been stuck here with just the drivers and helpers in attendance.

    Source : Karobar Daily