Swift Action: Govt Promises Melamchi Water Flow to Kathmandu Valley by Within a Month


KATHMANDU, Dec 3: Minister for Water Supply Mahindra Ray Yadav visited Melamchi to inspect the water supply project, focusing on the estuary and areas affected by floods. While crossing the river, Minister Yadav instructed the project staff to expedite water delivery to the residents of Kathmandu.

Despite the minister’s directives, the timeline for water reaching Kathmandu remains uncertain due to extensive damage caused by the flood, impacting areas including springs. Tanka Dhamala from his secretariat informed that the minister engaged in discussions with various agencies and construction professionals, emphasizing the imperative to bring water to Kathmandu regardless of the challenges.

“The minister has committed to bring water from Melamchi to Kathmandu. Discussions are ongoing, and water will be delivered to Kathmandu soon after repairing the flood-damaged structures,” he stated.

Minister Yadav acknowledged delays attributed to both construction delays and flood-induced damages to the project structure. Despite these setbacks, he expressed determination to supply water to Kathmandu promptly, even if through the consumer committee, aiming to achieve this goal within a month.

According to the Melamchi Water Supply Project Office, gates 7, 9, 19, and 21 of the project have sustained damages due to the flood. Padam Bahadur Kunwar, senior divisional engineer of Melamchi Water Supply Project, emphasized the need to repair the damaged structures before water can be sent to Kathmandu.

“There is no certainty about the water reaching Kathmandu in the coming days. Work is progressing rapidly, and we hope to deliver water to Kathmandu within a month, barring any unforeseen problems,” he stated.

Nima Gyalzen Sherpa, chairman of Helambu Rural Municipality, said that the local government is providing full support to transport Melamchi water to Kathmandu.

Source: Rising Nepal