Super Nyadi Hydropower Project to Begin Generating Electricity Next Year


Lamjung — Electricity generation from the 40.27 MW Super Nyadi Hydropower Project, which is under construction in the northern region of Ngadi Khola in Lamjung, will commence next year.

The project had scheduled to start electricity production by the end of this Ashar (mid-July). However, the project has announced that the construction period has been extended by one year.

The construction of the project, which is being built on the Ngadi Khola river along the border of wards 6 and 7 of Marsyangdi Rural Municipality, is 72 percent complete, according to project managing director Dinesh Gurung. He stated that the construction work is progressing rapidly with the aim of completing the project by the end of Jestha 2082 (mid-June 2025).

“Initially, we were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, floods and landslides, delays in receiving explosive materials from India, and the construction of long access roads,” he said. “Currently, we are progressing rapidly, but floods and landslides during the monsoon season are causing problems.” The project has constructed 22 kilometers of access roads alone.

The construction of the project, promoted by Siuri Nyadi Power Limited, began in Magh 2076 (January/February 2020). The civil structures of the project are being constructed by RK Hydro Pvt. Ltd. under the supervision of G & G Infra Pvt. Ltd. The  electromechanical work is being carried out by India’s Global Hydro Pvt. Ltd., while Nepal’s Precise Hydro Pvt. Ltd. is handling the hydromechanical work. The transmission line work is being done by AS Construction Pvt. Ltd.

According to the project’s technical chief, Viratdev Bhatt, a dam will be constructed above Dahare in Marsyangdi Rural Municipality-6. Water brought through a 6,885-meter tunnel will be channeled to an underground power house near Naiche village to generate electricity. The power house will contain two vertical Pelton turbines. The project’s gross head is 703 meters.

According to the project’s chief engineer, Biratdev Bhatt, a dam will be constructed above Dahare in Marsyangdi Rural Municipality Ward 6. Water will be brought through a 6,885-meter tunnel to an underground power station near Naiche village, where electricity will be generated. The power station will house two vertical Pelton turbines. The project’s gross head is 703 meters.

According to him, 85 percent of the tunnel work has been completed. He recently mentioned that the construction of the dam has progressed rapidly from Phase 1 to Phase 2, spanning from 1,700 meters to 2,000 meters. Work is underway in 8 phases of the tunnel. He stated that all 7 auxiliary tunnels have been completed. The main tunnel will be 690 meters in the penstock, 290 meters in the intake tunnel, and 250 meters in the diversion tunnel, he added.

In the Super Nyadi Hydropower Project, NMB Bank has invested a loan of 5 billion 25 million rupees in leading. The promoter’s equity stands at 1 billion 75 million rupees. According to project managing director Gurung, the project is estimated to cost 7 billion rupees, with 75 percent funded by the bank and 25 percent by the promoter. He mentioned that approximately 200 million rupees in ‘promoter’ shares are held by residents of Lamjung in the project.

The electricity produced from the project will be connected to the Tarikuna Substation of the Nepal Electricity Authority, located 11 kilometers downstream. For this purpose, Super Nyadi will construct a 132 kV single circuit transmission line, approximately 5.1 meters wide, up to the Nyadi Hydropower Project site.

Previously constructed 6 kilometers of single-circuit transmission line will also be “shared” by the Super Nyadi project. According to the project, during the monsoon season, electricity will be purchased at a rate of Rs. 4.80 per unit for six months and Rs. 8.40 per unit for the dry season of six months under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


Source: Kantipur