Sunkoshi Small Hydropower Plant

Sunkoshi Small Hydro

The power plant is located about 500m downstream of the confluence of Sunkoshi river with the Bhotekoshi River in Dhuskun VDC of Sindhupalchowk district. It is about 90 Km North -East of Kathmandu along the Aranikio Highway, on the way to Tibet. Glass Fibre reinforced Plastic Pipe was used as pressure pipe for the first time in the region in this project. The Salient Features of this power plant are as follows:

Location:     Sunkoshi River, Sindhupalchowk District

Type:             Simple Run- Of- River

Installed Capacity: 2.5 MW

Design Discharge: 2.7 m3/s

Gross Head:   124.5m

Headworks:    Low hight boulder lined

                          Diversion weir

                          Side Orifice Intake

                           Gravel trap

                           Settling Basin

Penstock Pipe:  2.6 Km long(GRP 2500m & MS Pipe approx 120 m)

Power House: Surface

Turbine:   Two units with Turgo turbine (2 *1250 KW)


Source : Sanima Website

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