Solar panels to be made mandatory


    The government is preparing to make it mandatory for government and commercial buildings to install solar roof-top systems to cope with the energy crisis.

    According to a source at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, it will soon direct all local bodies not to grant building permit and approve the design (blueprint) of government offices, and public, commercial and corporate buildings that do not incorporate the plan to install solar roof-top systems.

    A joint meeting of MoFALD officials and representatives from the Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Alternative Energy Promotion Centre recently reached this conclusion, said the source.

    Concerned officials are set to carry out a detailed study to give final shape to the provision that would make it obligatory for designated buildings in urban and peri-urban areas to install solar roof-top systems.

    If all goes well, installation of such solar roof-top systems is expected generate around 20 megawatts of electricity. The power generated thus can also be connected to the national grid to reduce load-shedding during peak hours.

    The country has one metropolitan city, 12 sub-metropolitan cities, 217 municipalities and 3,157 village development committees.

    According to the plan, the concerned local bodies will approve the blueprint of government, commercial and corporate buildings only if the applicant agrees in writing to generate at least 25 per cent of total energy it consumes a day or 1,500 watt, whichever is higher, through installation of solar roof-top systems.

    The government has pledged to promote solar power in the budget for fiscal year 2015-16. It has also assured of purchasing excess electricity generated by government, commercial and public buildings using solar roof-top systems.

    The government has given high priority to promotion of alternative energy sources to meet the growing demand for energy in the country.

    Source : The Himalayan Times.