Sluggish construction of mid-Bhotekoshi hydropower project calls attention of people’s reps


SINDHUPALCHOK, April 5: The sluggish construction of the mid-Bhotekoshi hydropower project has drawn the attention of the people’s representatives, who have started putting pressure for its completion within the extended deadline.

The project has extended two year’s time for its completion following its failure to meet the first completion target of 2017. Located at the border of Bhotekoshi rural municipality and Bahrabise municipality in Sindhupalchok district, the 102 megawatts project started in 2013.

Now the extended deadline for the project’s completion is June 2019. But only 50 percent of the construction has been completed so far as only four months remain to reach the deadline. The project’s estimated cost has also increased to over Rs 20 billion from approximately Rs 13.5 billion in the beginning.

“Local level has been concerned with the delay. As a result, the locals, who have a portion of the investment in the project, have been affected,” said Raj Kumar Poudel, chairperson of the rural municipality in a statement. He accused the project of delaying the construction under various pretexts.