Scrapped licenses will be reinstated by the cabinet


    Singh DurbarKATHMANDU, Feb 23 : Minister for Energy Radha Gyawali on Sunday said that she will reinstate the licenses of nine hydropower projects which were scrapped recently.

    Ministry of Energy had scrapped the license as per the direction of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA).

    Speaking at the meeting of parliamentary Agriculture and Water Resources Committee on Sunday, Gyawali said the license of such projects will be reinstated by the cabinet.

    The cabinet can use a special provision as per the Article 35 of Electricity Act and award the licenses to any party through a contract agreement, she said.

    But Gagan Thapa, chairperson of the committee, expressed dissatisfaction at the way the issue is being handled. “Earlier, Energy Secretary, the final authority to award and scrap hydropower licenses, scrapped license of Kabeli A only. Later, licenses of other projects were scrapped,” he said, adding, “The minister is now saying that she will restore the licenses through a cabinet decision.”

    Earlier the committee had directed secretary and Ministry of Energy to decide the fate of hydropower licenses based on the performance and progress report of such projects.

    AWRC and Finance Committee had also discussed with officials of CIAA and energy ministry and directed the ministry not to scrap the license of Kabeli A and other projects and consider their progress reports.

    Source : Republica