Ridi Hydropower posted net profit of Rs 90.86 lakh, EPS and Net worth per share at Rs 7.70 & Rs 111.43 respectively


    Ridi Hydropower Development Company Limited (RHPC) has stated inclined in net profit by 25.91% percent in the second quarter (Q2) of the FY 2074/75.

    According to the unaudited financial report published today, its net profit after income tax inclined to Rs 90.86 lakh in the second quarter of fiscal year 2074/75 from Rs 72.16 lakh in the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year 2073/74.

    RHPC made regular income of Rs 1.43 crore by the end of the second quarter increasing from Rs 1.42 crore in the corresponding quarter. It has also made Rs 31,815 lakh from other income in the Q2 of FY 2074/75.

    Its paid up capital stands at Rs 47.22 crore with reserve of Rs 5.39 crore.

    Its annualized earnings per share (EPS) stands at Rs 7.70 and net worth per share is at Rs 111.43 and P/E ratio at 76.92 times.

    Source : Share Sansar