No increase in power cut despite closure of Kaligandaki A: NEA

    Although the Kaligandaki A hydropower plant shut for a week for maintenance, there will be no change in existing power cut schedule.

    Chief of Load Dispatch Center at Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Bhuwan Chhetri told Republica Online that the authority will not increase load-shedding hours despite the project is closed since Tuesday.

    “The increase in water level in rivers has contributed to increased production,” he said, “There is no need to hike power outage as production from operation projects is high.”

    He added that production from Kulekhani Hydropower Project has also been increased to meet the energy demand.

    Currently, there is a power cut for 70 hours per week. The NEA said the schedule will be kept intact for the time being.

    The Kaligandaki A Hydropower Project has an installed capacity of 144 Megawatts. It was currently generating 90 Megawatts electricity.