Nepal Earns Rs. 12 Billion from Electricity Exports to India in Five Months


NEA Exported Rs. 4 Billion Worth Of Electricity To India In October And A Total Of Rs.12 Billion Since June.

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has exported electricity worth 4.2 billion rupees in one month September/Ocotebr (Ashoj). According to the Nepal Electricity Authority, a total of 12 billion rupees worth of electricity has been exported since last June. According to the NEA, electricity worth 11.80 billion rupees was exported to India from June to October

The NEA commenced exporting the excess electricity produced during the rainy season in India since May 28 of this year. The NEA has exported electricity worth Rs. 9. 64 billion toto India during the months of July, August, September and October ( Saun, Bhadra And Ashoj) of the current fiscal year 2080/81. During the month of Ashoj (September/October) alone, Nepal exported electricity worth of Rs.4.2 billion rupees.

The average rate of electricity exported to India during the three-month period was Rs.10. 27 per unit. Furthermore, during May/June, Rs.400.5 million were exported to India, and in June/July Rs.1.75 billion worth of electricity was exported. Electricity was exported to the Indian market at an average rate of Rs. 9.67 rupees per unit during May and June.

In July/August, exports amounted to Rs. 2.14 billion, while in August/September they reached Rs. 3.47 billion, and in September/October, they amounted to Rs. 4.2 billion. During the three-month period, exports reached a total value of 9.64 billion rupees.

The average rate at which electricity was sold for export to India in July, August, September/October was Rs 9.76 (Jetstha/Ashar), and Rs 10.27 per unit (Srawan To Asoj), respectively. The overall average selling rate for the three months was Rs 10.27 per unit. Exporting electricity has contributed to a reduction in the trade deficit between Nepal and India, as well as an increase in the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

The NEA has exported electricity saved during the rainy season after consumption within the country to India.

About 110 MW of electricity have been sold by NEA to the Indian company NTPC Vidyut Byaparr Nigam Ltd, (NVVN) through competition in the day-ahead market of IX and for some time under the medium-term power agreement. NVN is selling this electricity in the state of Haryana.

The Central Electricity Authority of India has also approved the sale of 44 MW of electricity in the real-time and day ahead market from the 522 MW approved for export to the competitive market.

The Nepal Electricity Authority has received approval to export 522 MW to the competitive market and additional110 MW to NVVN from this year with total 632 MW.

Out of total export, 562 megawatts of electricity are being exported from the Dhalkebar-Muzaffarpur 400 kV transmission line, and 70 megawatts are being exported from the Mahendranagar-Tanakpur 132 kV transmission line.

Kulman Ghising, Managing Director of the NEA, said that NEA is likely to export electricity valued at roughly 16 billion rupees this year based on the current situation.

“We proposed to the Central Electricity Authority of India for approval to export approximately 100 MW of additional electricity. However, we have not yet received approval, so we resent the proposal a few days ago,” stated Ghisingh.

“The festival has already commenced, and during this time, when industries are closed and it is not yet cold in Kathmandu and the heat has subsided in the Terai, the domestic demand for electricity will decrease. We are confident that approval will be granted.”

Source: Spotlight