Nepal-China Energy Cooperation begins!


    Nepal and India both made the drama a success in their own manner that suited to their preferences and political interests. Both the Prime Minister’s visited the friendly countries well within a month or so. Both Nepal and India have made us all to understand that the bilateral ties were in good shape to which it is not yet despite the tall claims being made by both the sides. Nepal though is the loser ultimately as usual.

    Now let us talk of our northern neighbor China, taken as an all-weather friend.
    Nepal fearing of imposition of yet another economic blockade from Indian regime 2015, had approached China for some substantial helps so that Nepal may brave and survive the possible southern blockade to which the northern neighbor had in a silent manner accepted and thus assured then visiting Nepal PM Oli that China was ready to extend its support to Nepal should the latter exhibited its desire to join hands with Beijing.

    This event had alarmed Indian establishment then whose reverberations could still be felt or be heard in some quarters in Delhi which are unfriendly towards Nepal-China ties.

    Some babus scattered in various name sake think-tanks and also serving the RAW machinery take Dr. PM Oli and China as their number one enemy for reasons unknown.
    Despite their anger, Nepal-China ties are getting stronger. The bond shall be glued once and for all when the Nepal’s ruling communist UML party will copy the Chinese characteristics of communism both in words and deeds. The day is not that far, as could be guessed.

    Will it then be a challenge to the democratic world?

    PM Oli who had visited Beijing then, at time of the Indian blockade, inked several agreements with China which were related with expanding road links with Nepal along the borders and assurances were given by the other side that “concrete” measures would be taken to make Nepal self-reliant on energy sector, mainly by harnessing the domestic water resources.

    Road connectivity apart, Nepal and China have focused their eyes on the production of hydro power energy in Nepal.

    A fresh news states that Chinese heavy investment is pouring in Nepal. The process has already begun.

    The Industry and Investment Promotion Board, IIPB, Department of Industries, Government of Nepal, has approved to a Chinese company to bring in an investment to the tune of 14 billion rupees in the hydro-power sector which is supposed to be built in the Parbati Kunda rural municipality in nearby Rasuwa district, a district that is supposedly close to the Chinese border, north of Kathmandu.

    The Chinese Company is bringing in the said staggering investment in collaboration with a Nepali promoter-Salasungi.

    The Salasungi is to construct the 78 MW Capacity Project. The powerhouse of the project will be constructed about 500 meters above the Sanjen Hydro Power Project site.

    The Sanjen Hydro Power Limited is talked to be a subsidiary of the Nepal Electricity Authority which has received the government approval for this project three years ago.
    According to reports, the Nepali side is to invest some 8% of the total amount and the rest, 92% shall be invested by the Chinese side.

    Total cost for the energy project has been estimated at 15 billion and 227 million rupees. Out of the total expected production of 78 MW, the construction of 48.8 MW is already in progress.

    This construction site is close to Ramechap-Dolkha border which in turn is close to China border.

    So this energy production project is perhaps just the beginning of the beginning. More appear to be in the pipeline.

    Thousands of Nepali youths are expected to get employment in this joint project.

    Source: Telegraphnepal