NEA workers halt all work, begin Kathmandu-centric protests


    The daily-wage workers at Nepal Electricity Authority have started protests, halting all work, today.

    Workers stationed at NEA offices all over the country are now gathering in Kathmandu to pressurise the management and other concerned authorities to hear out and address their demands.

    “Although around 2500 daily-wage workers are employed at the NEA, there is no guarantee for our security. Therefore, we have begun the protest,” said Kajiman Rai, a worker employed at the Bhojpur office of the authority.

    The protest is backed by the the NEA Employees’ Union and the NEA Employees’ Association.

    According to the protesting side, the Managing Director as well as the other concerned units at the NEA have exhibited negligence towards their demands despite repeated meetings with the said authorities.

    The wage-workers say that they wholeheartedly support and will work for the success of the Authority’s mission to make a Bright Nepal (Ujyalo Nepal) but there is no alternative to the protests since the management has been brushing off their demands for quite sometime now.

    A daily-wage workers struggle committee has been formed which has called for workers stationed across the country to halt all work to further strengthen the protests and participate in protest-programmes in Kathmandu, Rai informed.


    Source : The Kathmandu Post