NEA increases power cut to 80hrs/ week



    The Nepal Electricity Authority ( NEA ) has increased the power cut hours to 80 hours a week from the existing 63 hours effective from Sunday.

    load shedding_bulbAccording to the new load shedding schedule, the public will have to face 11 hours of load shedding for four days a week and 12 hours of power-curt the remaining three days.

    A few days back the energy minister had assured that the power-cut would not exceed 12 hours a day this year.

    The NEA has cited various reasons for the increase in the power outage hours including the decreasing water level in the river feeding the major hydropower.

    Last winter the public had to face load shedding up to 16 hours a day though the government had imported up to 145MW electricity from India.

    Source :  RSS/eKantipur