Modi’s rise to be fruitful to Nepal: Experts


    KATHMANDU, May 21 :

    Narendra ModiChinese diplomats and experts on South Asian issues have taken the rise of Narendra Modi in India as the Prime Minister as fruitful for Nepal and the entire region. China has expected that the new government in Delhi would boost regional interrelationship and similarly would attract joint investment in the hydro power sector in Nepal. 

    Beijing is particularly excited about Modi´s success in Gujarat and his promise to replicate it across India, which Chinese experts believe would positively impact the entire South Asian region. Modi has stressed on developmental issues. Moreover, Modi was for improving ties with China while he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He had improved economic relationship with China as the CM. 

    Hu Shisheng, director of the Institute of South & Southeast Asian and Oceania Studies under China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), which is the think tank of the country, commented that the political shift in India is going to bring significant changes in the entire South Asian region through its speedy economic development to be ensured by Modi´s government. 

    “Modi´s victory means very strong and stable government in India. This is going to be a boon for Indo-China relationship,” said Shisheng in an email sent to Republica. “Now trilateral bond between the three countries (Nepal, India and China) may prove a boon for joint investment in the hydro sector of Nepal. Similarly, there could be more investment in railway and roads,” his email further adds. 

    Both China and India have expressed interest to invest in hydropower, railway and roads in Nepal. According to Shisheng, now with Modi in power, things are looking good for Nepal. He is also hopeful that better ties between China and India will help balance America´s increasing influence in the region

    Source : Republica