Middle Bhotekoshi project civil works begin


    Chautara, Jan. 7:

    Middle_Bhotekoshi_Adit-2 ( Diversion Tunnel)Civil and hydro mechanical works of the Middle Bhotekoshi Project have begun for the 102 mw project under construction in Sindhupalchok district.

    Works started after Rs. 8.40 billion contract was signed on January 1 between Chinese company Gwangxi International Corporation and the project.

    Compensation for 225 ropanis of land of the 355 ropanis for the project has been distributed. Some 355 ropanis will be needed for the dam at Chakukhola Dobhan of Marming VDC and the station in Jambu of Gati VDC and there are 68 huts in both places.

    Rs. 172.6 million has been distributed by Monday and Rs. 200 million remains, said Officiating Project Chief Harikrishna Upreti.

    Some 250 metre test tunnel has been constructed out of 350 test tunnel. The works of main structure will be started by April.

    The project will generate 83.7 million units of power in dry season and 458.6 million in summer season and can sell 542.3 million units annually.

    It has entered loan agreement for Rs. 6 billion with Employees Provident Fund for the Rs. 14 billion project.

    Water will be dropped at Jambu of Gati from 7.124 km tunnel by making a dam at the confluence of Chaku Khola and Bhotekoshi river at Marming VDC.

    The project site only needs 750 m road. The project to be constructed under the leadership of Chilime group is targeted to be completed by 2016.

    Source :RSS