Locals affected by Kaligandaki ‘A’ Hydropower protest


January 27, 2019

The people affected by the Kaligandaki ‘A’ Hydropower at Beltari area in Syangja district have demonstrated by putting forth various demands. They have blocked the road leading to the project powerhouse.

Their demands include that they should be provided electricity generated from the project rather than others. Irrigation facility and concrete road from Beltari Chowk to Irikhola are other demands.

The locals also accused the concerned authority of cutting facilities provided to them by the Nepal Electricity Authority.

“We have lost our valuable lands to the project believing that the area will be developed. But we are deprived of even drinking water facility. The project is neglecting our woes,” said a protestor Anish Neupane.

However, Project Chief Rajesh Pandey claimed that the affected locals have not so far put up their demands with the project in a formal way. He informed the Chairperson of Kaligandaki Rural Municipality where the project is set up, of the agitation, he said.

The Rural Municipality Chair Khim Thapa said the problem would be resolved through talks. RSS