Kulman issues direction to complete Sanjen and Rasuwagadhi hydropower projects as soon as possible


KATHMANDU, Nov 30: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Executive Director Kulman Ghising has instructed the contractor company to complete the construction of the 111 MW Rasuwagadhi, 42.5 MW Sanjen and 14.8 MW Upper Sanjen hydropower projects which are being constructed under the leadership of the Chilime Hydropower Company as soon as possible.

After the projects which have investment from the public under the people’s hydropower program were delayed, NEA has instructed the contractor to complete the work of the projects under its own and subsidiary companies as soon as possible.

Executive Director Ghising has instructed to complete the remaining work as soon as possible after discussing with the project management, construction contractors and consultants while monitoring the construction site. When Ghising was the managing director of Chilime, he had managed all the three projects and moved them forward together. “The construction of the main infrastructure has been completed. The rest of the work should be carried out in parallel and completed within 7/8 months.” Ghising said. “The construction of the project, which also has public investment, should be completed as soon as possible and the investors should be rewarded.”

The construction of the projects has been affected due to various natural disasters such as flood, earthquake and COVID-19 pandemic as well as obstruction at the Indian border, difficulties in transportation of construction materials and equipment, difficult geographical conditions, complexity in contract implementation and poor performance of the contractor.

Similarly, while the overall construction progress of the Upper Sanjen is 91 percent, Sanjen’s overall construction progress is 83 percent. Also, the construction of the main structure of Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Project has reached the final stage. The contractor of civil structure and hydro-mechanical equipment has committed to completing its work within the next four months. The construction of the project has been affected due to electro-mechanical contractors.

The electricity of all the three projects will be connected to the 220 KV Chilime Hub substation under construction. The construction of Chilime and Trishuli 3B hub substations and Chilime-Trishuli 3B hub substation is targeted to be completed by next mid-June and July. The electricity produced by these projects will be connected to the national system through this transmission line.


Source : Republica