Kulman Ghising reinstated as NEA Managing Director


Kathmandu, 27 August 2078. Newly appointed executive of Nepal Electricity Authority, Kulman Ghising, has been reinstated. Managing Director Ghising was reinstated at the NEA’s central office at Ratnapark on Wednesday.

Ghising was appointed as the Managing director for four years by the cabinet meeting on Monday on the proposal of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Minister Pampha Bhusal. Ghising, who was appointed as the Managing director in August 2073 BS, had completed his four-year tenure and left NEA in August last year.

In his congratulatory and best wishes program, Ghising said that he had accepted the biggest challenge of his personal life and committed to take the responsibility given by the government with determination and take the confidence of the general well-wishers to new heights.

“I did not have to come to the Electricity Authority. I have taken the biggest risk of my life to fulfill the responsibility given by the government and the expectations of the people who want to see me in the authority,” he said. “I have come with the vision of correcting wrongdoings in the past, moving forward with good deeds and starting new programs. We have to work harder to implement the directives and action plans given by the government than to interrupt and protest.”

Stating that his priority is to further improve the service flow by tightening the rules of good governance, Ghising expressed his commitment to focus on improving the quality and reliability of power supply by resolving the problem of flashing lights.

To institutionalize the achievements of the past, increase the consumption of electricity and manage the market, increase the regularity and quality of electricity supply, complete the work of projects under construction, transmission and distribution and start anew, electrify, maintain good governance and improve service delivery. We will be focused, ”he said.

On the occasion, Deputy Managing Director of the Finance Directorate, Lekhnath Koirala, expressed confidence that the tenure of Managing Director Ghising would be successful in eliminating the current leakage and increasing the profit of the organization. “As the executive director of the Patient Authority’s treatment is a doctor, it is up to him to operate and cut to save the institution,” Koirala said.