Kulekhani II hydro power project repairs to take six months


    KATHMANDU: Twenty-two days after a fire damaged transformers at Kulekhani II hydro power project, the project remains shut.

    Nepal Electricity Authority has been losing a minimum of 287,000 units of energy everyday after the shutdown. The power utility has been incurring a daily loss of Rs 2.29 million. The loss amount for the last three weeks has been estimated at approximately Rs 50 million.

    The loss amount will soar on a daily basis for the next four weeks as it is expected to take minimum four weeks to restore the power house.

    Talking to this daily, NEA Spokesperson Sher Singh Bhat today said, “We are preparing an invitation for bids to repair the transformers, and it will take a minimum of four weeks to restore the hydro power project if everything goes as planned.”

    An agreement to purchase new transformers was reached with Nepal Hydro and Electrics two days after the incident and is likely to take at least six months to one year. “It may take over six months if we encourage the bid winner with incentives to supply transformers from a foreign country,” added Bhat.

    NEA had tried to restore the project partially a week ago by bringing a transformer from Gandak Project, but it did not work.

    The attempt to repair burned transformers at NEA’s repair centre in Hetauda failed. Officials say timely repair of the project can reduce power outage hours immediately.

    Kulekhani I is producing 574,000 units of electricity in 24 hours

    Source : The Himalayan Times