Despite heavy downpour in many parts of the country, the reservoir of the Kulekhani Hydropower Project is yet to be filled up due to low rainfall around the country’s only reservoir-type project.

    Kulekhani I and II produce 92MW electricity, while another 14MW Kulekhani Project is currently under construction.

    The reservoir had not been filled up last year too. As of Wednesday, the water level was at 1,513.39 metres.

    During the same period last year, the level was at 1,514.94 metres, according to officials of the project.

    “Rainfall in the area has remained poor,” said an engineer of the project.

    The reservoir’s capacity is 1,530 metres. But due to overuse of the plant during last year’s blockade, the water level has come down to 1,503 meters last year.

    There has been massive rainfall in areas such as Daman, Palung, Tistung, Chitlang, Bajrabarahi, Aagra, Kulekhani, Markhu and Phakel of Makawanpur.

    NEA officials are worried the reservoir may not be filled up this year too. The water level is increasing by 50 centimetre to a metre every day. The 7km long and 300 metre wide artificial lake used to inundate the Markhu area in previous years.

    Source : The Kathmandu Post