Kagbeni flood displaces scores of people in Mustang

A flood in the Kagbeni River on Sunday washed away 29 houses and displaced more than 150 people.

The disaster occurred after the dammed river burst, flooding the lower reaches. The river had been blocked by landslide debris upstream creating a dam.

As per the preliminary disaster report of the District Disaster Management Committee, the floods swept away 29 houses, a motorable bridge along the Jomsom-Korola road section; a suspension bridge, 12 vehicles—including an excavator at the bridge construction site—and three temporary bridges.

“The flooded river has caused widespread damage in Kagbeni settlements. We are travelling on foot to the flood-hit area as there are roadblocks in several places along the way,” said Chief District Officer Anup KC.

The flood also buried an inn for travellers. Tourists and locals alike took shelter in safe places on Sunday night, informed KC.

The displaced locals have been seeking shelter at the rural municipality’s office buildings and community halls while others have taken shelter with their relatives.

“People could escape the disaster since it occurred in the evening,” KC added.

Hotel operators and workers have been displaced in the hundreds. According to KC, it will be a challenge to manage the seasonal workers.