Kabeli Corridor Transmission Line


    ILAM, JUN 10 –

    energy-transmissionNepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has assured the construction of the Kabeli Corridor transmission line project will complete before the completion of hydropower projects along the corridor.

    The under-construction hydropower projects along the corridor include 22MW Sanima Mai Hydro and its 7MW casket project, 10MW Upper Mai project, and 15MW Hewakhola project.

    Sanima Mai had recently said it would start electricity generation prior to the completion of the transmission and that it might be forced to stay idle.

    Kaveli Project Chief Uddhav Lal Shrestha said the hydel projects, including Sanima, need not panic as the transmission line would complete by August 2015.

    “Sanima has asked us to expedite work on the transmission line as the upcoming rainy season may obstruct work,” he said.

    Sanima’s Managing Director Shuvarna Das Shrestha also said they were planning to speed up work ahead of the rainy season.

    The transmission line will transmit electricity produced by hydropower projects based in the corridor, mainly in three districts of Mechi zone. The 90km 150MW transmission line will connect Jhapa’s Damak Substation. For the purpose, 261 towers will be installed in Jhapa, Ilam and Pachthar districts.

    With the construction of three hydel projects—Sanima, Upper mai and Hewakhola—nearing end, the Kabeli project is under growing pressure. While Sanima is expected to complete very soon, other two projects are expected to be completed within a year.

    Shrestha of Kabeli expressed hope the project would complete in time, saying: “There are no issues related to land compensation or manpower,” he said.

    Currently, the project is caring out work on laying foundation of towers on a 34km stretch between Rajduwali Substation in Godak and Jhapa’s Damak Substation.

    Of the 65 foundations to be dug, 13 have been completed.

    Source : The Kathmandu Post