Int’l Community Ready To Invest In Energy

    KATHMANDU, June 23: The international community has expressed their commitment to invest in the energy sector in Nepal.

    They expressed this before the Minister for Energy, Radha Gyawali, who had gone to the Philippines last week to participate in the meeting of World Energy Council.

    Representatives of different countries attending the international conference of the world’s energy experts said that they were ready to invest in Nepal, saying Nepal was a better destination for the investment.

     Minister Gyawali said that the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, World Energy Council, among others expressed their commitment to invest in large-scale hydropower projects of Nepal.

    Energy Minister Gyawali said that an environment conducive for foreign investment is being created in the country in recent period and added an easy environment has been created after power development agreement (PDA), power trade agreement signed with India and the SAARC conference held in November highly stressed the development and expansion of energy sector.

    She said that ‘World Energy Leadership Summit’ has given special stress to pay attention on energy security, social responsibility and environmental impacts, adding that she briefed the international community that opportunity has been created for further investment in Nepal after April 25 quake.

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