Hydropower energy becoming waste due to delayed transmission line


October 21, 2020

Power generated from the most of the hydroelectricity projects, which are in the final phase of construction, is likely to go to waste due to delay in construction of transmission line in Dordi corridor of Lamjung.

The projects are facing uncertainty as the transmission line is not complete. The national transmission line is in limbo due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Upper Dordi A Hydropower claimed that electricity would be produced within a month. Project operator Ram Bahadur Pandey said the contract with the government had expired and renewal of the contract had been put off.

“There is no place to connect the power produced with the national transmission,” he said.

Pandey added that the government was yet to fix the date for starting production and further work was also affected due to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, national transmission line project Chief Ramesh Poudel said construction of the 132 KV line from Kirtipur of Dhodeni to Udipur of Besisahar Municipality was in the final stage. “But it was delayed due to COVID-19,” he added.

Poudel said the contract was to complete the transmission line within 18 months in February-March of 2019. He added that 75 per cent work had been completed.

More than 200 under-construction projects along the Dordi corridor will be connected to the Marsyangdi corridor after completion of the transmission line.

Upper Dordi A, Super Dordi Kha (54 megawatt), Dordi Khola (27 megawatt) and Dordi-1 (12 megawatt), among other projects, are under construction in the Dordi corridor. Of them, Upper Dordi A and Dordi Khola Projects are in the final stage.

Source: The Himalayan Times