European Union High level team visited Chilime-Trishuli 220 kV transmission project


Kathmandu, 7 Feb 2023. A high-level team of the European Union has conducted an on-site inspection of the Chilime-Trishuli 220 kV transmission line project under construction. A high-level team led by European Union’s Asia Director Pietris Austs conducted an on-site inspection of the projects under construction in Nuwakot and Rasuwa on Monday. Under the project, 220-132-33 KV Chilime Hub and Trishuli 3B Hub substations are under construction at Thambuchet in Amachodingmo Rural Municipality of Rasuwa and Pahrebensi of Kispan Rural Municipality of Nuwakot. Also, a 28 km 220 kV transmission line is being constructed from Chilime hub to Trisuli 3B hub substation.

The estimated cost of the project is 30.9 million US dollars, and there is investment from the Government of Nepal and the Nepal Electricity Authority and a grant from the German Development Bank (KFW). There is a concessional loan under the European Investment Bank (EIB) project established by the European Union.

A high-level team of the union inspected Trishuli 3B hub substation and transmission line under construction at Dandagaon located in Uttargaya Rural Municipality-2 of Rasuwa. The team discussed the project’s progress, problems, construction completion date, etc. with representatives of Nepal Electricity Authority, project management, consultants and contractors involved in the construction.

The team leader Pietris Astus mentioned that the construction of the project has picked up pace recently and the progress so far is satisfactory, said Kulman Ghising, the executive director of Nepal Electricity Authority, who went to the site inspection with the team.

A tower has to be built in a geographically very dangerous and difficult mountainous area, because it is crowded and there is no road, stones, sand, tower materials, water have to be carried by people or carts, floods, poor performance of contractors and consultants, land use problems in forest areas, local obstacles , due to covid-19 etc., the construction of the project was affected. Now the construction has picked up speed.

“In the past, they expressed interest and concern about the delay in the construction, but during the inspection visit, the team has expressed their happiness and appreciated the fact that the work has gained momentum and made significant progress and the project is being carried out in a geographically very dangerous and difficult Himalayan region”. Executive Director Ghising said.

The European Union is trying to invest heavily in the production, transmission and distribution of hydropower in Nepal through EIB, it has expressed its desire to invest in the 635 megawatt Dudhkoshi Reservoir project through co-financing by international financial institutions. are.’

In addition to the Chilime-Trishuli transmission line, EIB has provided concessional loans for the 140 MW Tanahun hydropower project, the Masryangdi Corridor 220 kV transmission line and the electrification of the districts of Far West and Lumbini provinces. KFW has provided grants for electrification and distribution system strengthening and solar energy in Nuwakot and Rasuwa.

The Chilime-Trishuli 220 KV transmission line has been constructed in the national electricity system of the hydropower projects under construction and to be built on the Trishuli river and its tributaries. The overall physical progress of the project is 81 percent. Among them, the construction progress of transmission line and substation is 71 and 70 percent respectively. The construction of transmission lines and substations is being done at full speed with the aim of completing it within the next Chait 9:00 to 10:00.

About 300 workers are employed in the construction of transmission line, 90 workers in Chilime hub substation and 160 workers in Trishuli 3B substation. Executive Director Ghisingh gave instructions to increase the number of workers and continue all the works like laying the foundation of the tower, erecting it, pulling the wire, installing the equipment of the substation, etc. in parallel.

Important equipment such as power transformer, GIS etc. which will be in both substations have been brought to the project site. On the other hand, all equipment including towers, conductors, etc. of the transmission line have been supplied to the construction site. Currently, equipment is being installed in the substations and the remaining civil structures are being constructed.
The foundations of 44 of the 79 towers on the 28 km transmission line have been laid. Partial foundations of 13 towers have been laid. Excavation and drainage works are being done to lay the foundations of 15 towers. 29 towers have been erected. The main contractor has already entered into an agreement with the subcontractor to pull the wires to the erected towers. The pulling of strings will begin soon. 10 km wire can be pulled immediately.

The contractor of the project, the Chinese company Pinggao Group of Companies, mentioned that the construction has been speeded up and is working with the goal of completion by March.

A contract was signed with Pinggao in October 2074 for the construction of transmission lines and substations. The contract agreement was implemented in January 2074.