Energy crisis will end in 3 years: Koirala



    Finance-Minister-Shankar-Prasad-KoiralaFinance minister Shankar Koirala today said the energy crisis in the country will be resolved in a couple of years as the government is all set to bring a long-term policy to address the country’s prolonged problem.

    Speaking at a programme organised by Purbanchal Regional Trade Forum in Biratnagar today, Koirala said, “The government is working to promote electricity transmission lines, which has lured Nepali and foreign investors to hydroelectricity development.” If this trend continues, the crisis will end in three years, he speculated.

    He reminded that the government has started working on the Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project, which, he claimed, will meet the demand of a large majority of the population.

    With the availability of energy, several industries, trade houses, manufacturing companies and factories, which have been shut due to the power crisis will resume operation; he told entrepreneurs of the east.

    Koirala pledged to promote power supply from Kataiya of India to Kusaha of Sunsari areas by holding immediate talks with the southern neighbour.

    He also reminded folks that government policy in the industrial reform act was to solve the energy crisis in the region.

    Koirala said holding Constituent Assembly election on the slated date was the foremost responsibility of the government besides introducing various progamme to upgrade the country’s economic independence.

    Source : The Himalayan Times