Electricity import from India reaches around 57 percent of total demand


KATHMANDU, Feb 27: The import of electricity from India has reached 56.4 percent of the total electricity consumption with a drop in production amid fall in water levels in rivers due to the ongoing dry season.

The records with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) show that Nepal imported 12.49 million units of electricity from its southern neighbor, out of the total energy consumption of 22.15 million units on Sunday. Of the total distribution, NEA supplied 4.54 million units whereas the private hydropower projects maintained a supply of 4.90 million units of electricity.

According to the state-owned power utility, the peak demand has reached 1,209 megawatt, an increase of around four percent compared to that of the demand during this time last year.

The gap in production and demand for energy builds pressure on the NEA to maintain a smooth supply of electricity during the winter season almost every year. The water level in the river recedes in the dry season, especially during January, February and March leading to lower generation of power by the hydropower projects.

Although NEA has not declared resumption of load-shedding, many areas across the country have been facing electricity cuts from time to time mainly with the commencement of the winter season. The power utility has been citing maintenance and a poor distribution system for the power cuts.

In fiscal year 2019/20, NEA had met the domestic demand by importing 1.72 billion units from neighboring India out of a total annual demand of 7.74 billion units. For this purpose, the state-owned body settled import bills of over Rs 13.58 billion.


Source : Republica