Eighteen hydropower projects under construction in Myagdi


Eighteen hydropower projects are under construction in Kaligandaki, Raghuganga, Myagdi and various tributaries flowing from Myagdi. The target is to generate 662 MW of electricity from 18 hydropower projects under construction.
Chief of the District Coordinating Committee, Devendra Bahadur KC, said that more than a dozen hydropower projects are working to generate electricity from Kaligandaki, Myagdi and Raghuganga as well as tributaries. In Annapurna Gaonpalika-4 Narchang, two megawatt capacity Tatopani Sana and Ghalemdi Hydro Limited producing five megawatt capacity Ghalemdikhola hydropower project have been constructed by Nepal Electricity Authority.
Nilgiri Khola Hydropower Limited has built 38 MW Nilgiri Hydropower Project, 71 MW Nilgiri 2, Hydro Support Pvt. Ltd. has built 53.5 MW Madhya Kaligandaki Hydropower Project, The 164 MW Kaligandaki Gorj Hydropower Project, Research and Development Group is planning to build a 4 MW Rupsekhola Hydropower Project.
Hydro Empire Pvt. Ltd. of Marang, Mudi and Muna in Dhawalagiri village municipality is planning to build an additional 37 MW Upper Myagdi Hydropower Project. Four hydropower plants under construction on Raghuganga river are under construction. 40 MW Rahughat Hydropower Project, Tudi Power Company has constructed 37 MW Rahughat Mangal, Tudi Power Company has constructed 48 MW Upper Rahughat Hydropower and Sunyakta Urja Khola Pvt. 3 MW Thulokhola Hydropower Project is under construction.
Dhawlagiri Kalika Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. has started construction of 25 MW Darbang Myagdikhola Hydropower Project and Upper Myagdi Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. has started construction of 53.5 MW Upper Myagdikhola 1 Hydropower Project. The Dana-Khurkot 220 KV Kaligandaki corridor transmission line has been prepared to connect the electricity generated in the district to the national grid, while the 132 KV Dandakhet-Rahughat substation and transmission line are under construction.

Five hydropower projects under construction
Five hydropower projects with a capacity of about 150 MW have entered the construction phase from the Raghuganga River at the foot of Dhaulagiri Himal and other rivers flowing into it. Mona Hydropower Limited has reached the stage of power purchase agreement for the generation of 5.5 MW power in Bagarkhola of Chimkhola. The 40 MW capacity Rahughat Hydropower Project is under construction in this river with a capacity of 21.3 MW. The construction work of 5 MW capacity Rahughat Mangale has also started and preparations have been made to start the construction work of 48 MW Upper Rahughat Hydropower by signing a contract.
The pre-construction work of the 21.3 MW Thulokhola Hydropower Project being constructed by the Joint Energy Pvt. Tundi Power Company has started construction of infrastructure of 35.5 MW Rahughat Mangal Hydropower Project at Chimkhola on Raghuganga River. Tundi Power Company is going to construct 48 MW Upper Rahughat Hydropower Project using the water coming out of the power house of this project and the water coming from Bagarkhola of Chimkhola.
Earlier, Raghuganga Hydro Limited, a subsidiary of Nepal Electricity Authority, is constructing 40 MW capacity Rahughat Hydropower Project on Raghuganga River. The construction work of the project, which will be dammed at Bugle in the border area of ​​Ward No. 4 Dagnam and Ward No. 5, has been started at Tilkeni Chaur of Piple, Ward No. 3. About 30 percent of the infrastructure of Rahughat has been completed. Ganesh KC, managing director of Raghuganga Hydro, informed that the work of digging the main tunnel has been intensified after the audit of Piple, Andherikhola and Tilleki in the project where the contract was signed three years ago. More than 600 meters of main tunnel has been dug.
With the commencement of construction of the hydropower project in the remote area of ​​Raghuganga, partnership in community development is expected. Tundi Power Company has taken the local level to the road access project through cooperation in the construction of the road connecting the village center from Mauwaphant to Chimkhola via Dagnam. The operation of the project is pleasant in the constantly flowing river, but the locals are demanding the stakeholders to pay attention to the monitoring as the project construction company has been slow to capture the resources.


Source : Karobar (Translated )