Due to low domestic consumption, Nepal wasted Rs 5 billion electricity during monsoon.


KATHMANDU, May 8: Nepal faced surplus of 500 MW electricity worth Rs 5 billion during the rainy season last year.

The country will start receiving monsoon rain in the next few weeks. During the period, hydroelectricity projects can run in their full-fledged capacity and the total electricity produced will reach 2,150 MW. The production will be excess compared to the current average domestic consumption of 1,600 MW, according to Nepal Electricity Authority.

Although the government has been seeking to increase local consumption of hydroelectricity, it hasn’t been successful due to the lack of infrastructure and other related problems. India has agreed to purchase 364 MW of electricity produced during the rainy season, from Nepal. The southern neighbour, in this regard, expressed its consent during Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba’s recent visit to India.

However, the government authorities so far have no plan to utilize the remaining over 130 MW of electricity to be produced in the next few months.

Source : Republica