Demonstrators picketing the Jhimruk hydropower plant in Pyuthan


    Jhimruk hydropower project07/01/2013, PYUTHAN: One protester was injured when the police opened fire at the demonstrators picketing the Jhimruk hydropower plant in Pyuthan district on Monday.

    The injured has been identified as Santosh Buda. He had received a bullet in his left arm and is undergoing treatment at a local health post.

    Similarly, a dozen police personnel and protesters were injured in the clashes, and protesters demanding an end to the load shedding also torched the infrastructure of the plant.

    Police Inspector Krishna Karki along with police officers Ram Bahadur BK, Charka Roka, Milan Khad were injured when the protesters projected stones targeting the police.

    Police also lobbed 100 cells of tear gas to bring the situation under control.

    Butwal Power Company, which looks after the power plant said that the actual loss in the vandalisation of yet to be calculated.

    Locals of Pyuthan and adjoining Rolpa district who have been staging protest assembly since a week also padlocked the administrative section of the hydro power project.

    Source : The Himalayan Times


    A man received bullet when police shot at a group of protestors in front of the office of Butwal Power Company in Pyuthan on Monday. They were protesting the prolonged power outage.

    The man injured in the shooting has been identified as Santosh Budha, 24, a resident of Gothibang VDC-3 in Pyuthan district. He is currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

    Seven policemen including inspector Krishna Karki were injured in a violent clash following the shooting. Several locals were also injured during the clash, according to our correspondent.

    The police had also fired around 60 tear gas shells. The protestors had retaliated against the police by hurling bricks and stones.

    The police opened fire after some of the protestors, who were from Pyuthan, Rolpa and Arghakhachi district, tried to storm into the BPC office.

    The protestors also set fire about six offices of the BPC and the feeder, according to police. Initial estimates have put the losses at tens of millions of rupees. According to the chief district officer of Pyuthan, Kamal Mani Kafle, details about the loss caused to the feeder have yet to come. “Today, it is already dark, the details of the loss of will be assessed on Tuesday only,” said Kafle.

    Pyuthan remained tense throughout the day. On Monday, a joint meeting of various eight political parties decided to shut down Pyuthan district protesting power outage.

    The BPC has been generating 14 megawatts from Jhimruk Hydropower Project located in Pyuthan district. Of the 14 megawatts, 4 megawatts has been provided for Pyauthan, Rolpa and Arghakhanchi, and the rest has been connected to the national grid.

    The people of the three districts, who never experienced load-shedding in the past, were angry after a six-hours daily load-shedding was imposed from December 31.

    Source : Republica


    Jhimruk Hydropower Plant

    Jhimruk Hydropower plant located in Pyuthan District, has an installed capacity of 12 MW.
    Salient Features

    Location :Pyuthan District
    Type :Run of the river with daily pondage
    Capacity :12 MW
    Annual Energy Production :72 GWh
    In Operation since     :1994