Course for the Sustainable Development of Hydropower – Hydropower Financing




    Independent Power Producers’ Association, Nepal (IPPAN),

    International Finance Corporation (IFC)

    Course objective

    The course is an introduction to Hydropower Financing. It will provide participants with insight into the various aspects of Hydropower Financing and Risk Management and will give a basic understanding of the components that are necessary for a successful project and the development of a country’s hydropower resources.

    Course content

    The course focuses on the important stages of financing of hydropower projects that will enable a sound implementation of suitable development projects. It will include the strategies and processes involved in securing the necessary financing for projects as well as exposing the relevant associated risk factors and suggests ways to manage those risks by highlighting the necessary factors that need to be considered. The course will also focused on the Project Development Agreement (PDA) and the challenges of export projects.

    Resource Personnel

    The course will utilise resource persons with wide experience from the international hydropower industry and development.

    Multi consult & PwC & IFC

    Target group

    The course is tailor-made for senior officers and executives with responsibilities in the financing aspects and decision-making processes related to hydropower projects.

    Course dates and venue

    The venue for this course is the Gokarna Forest Resort.

    The course is scheduled for 24-25 September 2015. (Residential)

    The course participants will be transported from Kamaladi to the venue on 24th September 2015, and back on 25th Sept.

    Seminar Fee: The participation fee for this 1½ day residential course is NRs. 9,000 for IPPAN members and 12,000 for non IPPAN members. The fee should be transferred to IPPAN as per instruction given when selections have been made.


    All lecturers and resource persons are well-known specialists within their field, and they have extensive international experience.

    Evaluation and Assessment

    IPPAN/IFC evaluates all areas of its course programmes:-

    • – By being present at all sessions to ensure that the course is conducted as planned and to the expected standard by the facilitators and monitor participants involvement during the sessions.
    • – By use of a structured questionnaire where the participants views and appraisal of the various sessions and aspects are expressed.
    • – By engaging in discussions with both participants and facilitators through-out the entire course period.

    About the organizers

    The Independent Power Producers’ Association, Nepal (IPPAN) is a membership organization of hydropower developers and stakeholder organizations, established with a vision to become the Umbrella organization of independent power producers that advocate for an investor friendly environment for power development in Nepal. Since 2001, IPPAN has been lobbying for private sector friendly policies, regulations and their prompt and effective implementation, disseminating information through media, seminar, conferences to political parties, government officials, civil societies and the people, building capacity of IPPs and related stake holders and developing linkages for regional co- operation in power sector. Its members include power companies, both national and international, banks, insurance companies and equipment suppliers etc.

    International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, is an international organization whose mission is to promote sustainable private sector investment in developing countries, helping to reduce poverty and improve people’s lives.  IFC’s Nepal Sustainable Hydropower program (the “Program”) provides advisory services to help strengthen the development of the private sector inNepaland is managed by IFC’s Energy and Resource Efficiency Advisory Department.

    More information

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