Chilime-Trishuli Three B Hub Transmission Line and Substation Construction is 60% complete.


Kathmandu, 28 November 2021. The overall construction of Chilime-Trishuli 220 KV transmission line and substations under construction in Rasuwa and Nuwakot has been completed 60 percent. Work is in full swing to complete the construction of the transmission line within the coming summer.

Under the project, Chilime Hub and Trisuli Three B Hub substations of 220 ÷ 132 ÷ 33 KV are being constructed in Thambuchet of Amachhodingmo Municipality of Rasuwa and Pahirebensi of Kispang Municipality of Nuwakot respectively. Also, Chilime-Trisuli 3B hub 220 kV double circuit transmission line is under construction.
The construction of civil structures of both the substations has reached the final stage. The supply of important equipments including power transformer and GIS in the substation has reached 65 percent. Of the 79 towers in the transmission line, 27 have been laid and 17 have been partially laid. Six towers have been erected. The project will construct 19 km double circuit from Chilime to Malung and 8 km four circuit from Malung to Trishuli Three B Hub.
Towers have to be built in geographically very risky and difficult mountainous areas, due to steep slopes and lack of roads. The construction of the project has been affected due to Kovid-19 and others. The contractor for the project is Chinese company Pinggao Group of Companies and the consultant is Power Grid, India.
A team comprising Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority Kulman Ghising and Deputy Executive Director of Broadcasting Directorate Dirghayukumar Shrestha has instructed to complete the work within August by conducting on-site monitoring of the substation and transmission line under construction. The team has requested the project management, consultants and the contractor company not to delay the construction work under any pretext and to expedite the work by adding more workers.
Executive Director Ghising urged to complete the construction as soon as possible as per the commitment made time and again as this transmission line is very sensitive and in high priority. “Three hydropower projects connected to this transmission line are in the final stages of construction. No one is allowed to delay the construction on this or that pretext. “We will do our best to solve the cash flow problem and remove any obstruction on the site. The contractor will have to take full responsibility for the situation arising due to delay in construction.”
Under the People’s Hydropower Program, 111 MW Rasuwagadhi, 42.5 MW Sanjen and 14.8 MW Upper Sanjen hydropower projects under construction under the leadership of Chilime Hydropower Company will be connected to Chilime Hub. A team including Executive Director Ghising had gone to the site to monitor the construction of the transmission line as the projects were facing power loss due to lack of transmission line.
The team had discussed to remove the obstruction in the construction of the transmission line by the residents of Haku of Amachhodingmo Gaonpalika-1 saying that they should not hire workers from outside. Discussions were held in Haku with village chairman Buchung Tamang, ward chairman Nima Dindu Tamang and locals. Stating that no one will get any return from the project’s waste of electricity due to lack of transmission line, Executive Director Ghising urged the people to participate in the construction work as soon as possible without interrupting the work. Twelve towers will have to be constructed in Haku area. Construction of two towers has already started.
A contract agreement was signed with Pinggao in November 2074 for the construction of transmission line and substation. The contract agreement was implemented in December, 2074 BS.
The project has investment from the Government of Nepal and NEA and concessional loan from German Development Bank and European Investment Bank.