Benefits of power outages



     studying In darkIs load-shedding helping the Nepali students? Yes, I think it’s helping the students, mostly the ones living inside the valley. You may say electricity is the infrastructure of development, and students are falling behind because of it. Let us have a panoramic view of the situation.

    Let me introduce myself; I am an MBBS student with books most of time. So what is the use of electricity to me? Obviously it’s no rocket science, it is important for “lights”. Yes, lighting up my room during late night studies. And late night studies are a common thing for meds student. But my reply would be, I have got solar light adjustments in my home. Now in the valley most of the people have it, and I think many are installing a solar panel. It is a great idea, because once installed it is cheaper and more reliable than the absent electricity supply of Nepal Electricity Authority. You might challenge me by asking, “What if the lights go off? What if you use the mobile lights, candles or may be the rechargeable emergency lights?” The benefit of using them is reading with alternate sources of lights gives you twice more concentration than when we read normally.

    When I go through the news feed in social networking sites I find most of the pages related to the sports. But how is this topic related to load shedding. Let me shed some light on it. We also play the game; we have a small ground where we play to refresh ourselves after four o’clock mostly. There we see the density of players is directly proportional to the incoming electricity.

    The United States is the dreamland of many people in the world. It is a nation developed by immigrants from many underdeveloped countries. With the entire infrastructure at their disposal, why are the Native Americans lagging behind? But I have some idea as to why mostly the Asian immigrants might be talented. Maybe it has to do with the developing nature of most of the Asian countries. The lack of infrastructure persuades Asians to work even harder. People are passionate about learning, exploring and inventing. Being aloof from this buzzing technology gives them a creative edge. People detached from technology are more hard working. Students with good financial background are on the lower side of the grades. And yes good financial background is equal to no load shedding, as they have the capacity to set up generators, and it is as good as electricity.

    I know electricity is necessary. It is the age of communication and development. But I feel the problem of load shedding is helping the valley students in innumerable ways. If students are benefiting then why should I protest and always post in my Facebook wall “load shedding”

    Source : The Himalayan Times