National Hydro posts Rs 42.79 million net profit, reserve fund increase to Rs 246.63 million


    National Hydropower(Indrawati)After the hiatus of 4 years National Hydropower Company Limited (NHPC) has published 3rd quarter financial report of the current fiscal year in the National daily newspaper today. The net profit of the hydropower company stood Rs 42.798 million during the mentioned period. Last time the company published the report was of 3rd quarter of 2067/68 fiscal year on which the net profit mentioned was Rs 63.36 million.

    An encouraging aspect of the financial report is that its reserve fund has risen to Rs 246.63 million in the third quarter report up from Rs 167.27 million in the 2070/71 FY unaudited report.

    NHPC sales income during the said period stood Rs 143.72 million compare to Rs 179.86 million in the last fiscal year unaudited report.

    Meanwhile, the cost of production increases to Rs 45.17 million, up from Rs 31.89 million in the previous fiscal year.

    Its EPS (annualized) stands at Rs 4.61, net worth per share is Rs 115.58 and P/E ratio is 25.60 times.

    Source : ShareSansar