Arun Hydropower Project: Work Resumes After Compensation Dispute Resolved


The Arun Third Hydropower Project, with a capacity of 900 megawatts, has resumed its operations at the powerhouse site of the project from Monday, following the settlement of the compensation dispute, after being halted for 67 days.

After the government transferred the necessary 530 million rupees to the district administration office’s account in Sankhuwasabha for the compensation of the affected by the inundation, the locals withdrew their protest.

After the documentation related to compensation got stuck at the Prime Minister’s Office, the locals had halted the construction work of the Arun Entry Road from September 2nd.

There was a dispute over the compensation of a 24-kilometer area of the Chyangkuti–Didiṅ Pukhuwā road section. Now, 454 locals on the access route will receive compensation for 554 ropanis of land.

The Compensation Determination Committee, formed at the District Administration Office in Sankhuwasabha, decided on a compensation of NPR 11,75,000 per ropani for the Chyangkuti–Didiṅ road section on April 26 of the previous year. The construction of the Arun Third Hydropower Project, being undertaken by the Indian company Satlajal, is underway in Sankhuwasabha.”


Source: Kantipur