600 kilowatt power generated in Gorkha


    Gorkha, June 18

    microhydropowerConstruction of different micro hydro power projects was concluded in Gorkha district from which a total of 600 kilowatt power has been generated.

    Life in the villages concerned have been more comfortable with the completion of different micro hydropower projects that were constructed in Kansigaun including Chamakharka, Chhotekhola, Chhetarkhola, Kashigaun,

    Buddha Singh, Singure, projects in Hamshapur, Larkhola and Pandung Projects in Chhekampar, and Jagat, Hulchukkhola, among others in Sirdibas of the district.

    KADURI, an organization, has provided financial and technical support to generate 350 kilowatt powers and that as many as 2,000 households have been benefitted them.

    Similarly, other projects recently completed in Patlekhola of Simjung, Bhutkhola of Gumda, Myanglung Khola, Naulikhola of Lapu Hundikhola of Swanra have generated 269 kilowatt power and from these projects 2,500 households have been benefitted.

    With the generation of powers in the districts, services provided to the tourists have been extended and the local tourism have been increased by two fold, said local hotel entrepreneur, Bir Bahadur Gurung.

    Local people have been encouraged to establish cottage and small industries once they got electricity services, as a result villagers´ living standard was raised, said Kumar BK, a local from Barpak.

    Source :RSS