5th AGM of HIDCL today; to endorse 5% cash dividend


    Hydroelectricity Investment & Development Company Limited (HIDCL) will be convening its 5th AGM today (Poush 29, 2073) at 11:00 AM at Army Officers Club, Bhadrakali, Kathmandu.

    The main agenda of the AGM includes endorsement of 5% cash dividend (including for tax purpose) to its shareholders. Other agendas of the AGM include financial highlights of FY 2072/73, amendment of Memorandum of Understanding and Article of Association, appointment of auditor and election of one BOD member from public shareholders group.

    The register of the shareholders was closed from Poush 17, 2073 till Poush 21, 2073 for the purpose of its AGM. Only the shareholders holding shares till Poush 16, 2073 were entitled to the above dividend.

    HIDCL has earned net profit of Rs 10.47 crore in the first quarter of the current FY 2073/74.

    Source : ShareSansar