The annual electricity production will be 900 MW


KATHMANDU, May 29:  In order to provide access to electricity to 100 percent of the population within the next two years, the government is preparing to expand the technology related to renewable energy such as micro and small hydropower and solar and wind energy to households in remote areas that do not have access to the national transmission line.

Finance Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat said that within one year, 900 megawatts of electricity will be added to the national grid. He said that by reducing the amount of imported fuel significantly, electricity consumption per person will be increased to 450 kilowatt hours.

He said that after the completion of the 111 MW Rasuwagadhi, 102 MW Central Bhotekoshi, 42.5 MW Sangen hydropower and solar projects promoted by the Nepal Electricity Authority and promoted by private investors, approximately 900 MW electricity will be added to the national transmission system in the next fiscal year 2023/24. By the end of the next fiscal year, the total electricity production will reach 3,600 megawatts.

Minister Mahat said that the strategic importance of West Seti Hydropower Project, Seti River VI, Lower Arun and other hydropower projects have been signed and the construction work has been started. He said that in order to meet the electricity demand of dry season and to export hydropower, the construction work of 1,200 megawatt capacity Budhi Gandaki and 635 megawatt capacity Dudhkoshi reservoir hydropower projects will be carried out.

Last year, the government allocated Rs 75.10 billion for the development of the energy sector. This year, Rs 87.45 billion has been allocated. This year, the budget has been increased by Rs 12.35 billion for the development of the energy sector.


Source : Republica