Tamakoshi 3 HEP


    Tamakoshi SN Power was awarded the Survey Licenses in March 2007 by the Government of Nepal to develop the Tamakohsi 2 (207 MW) and Tamakoshi 3 (275 MW) Hydroelectric projects in the Tamakoshi River of Dolakha district. Based on a concept study results, SN Power applied for and was awarded an amended license for a single 600 MW daily peaking run-of-river project to be called the Tamakoshi 3 project. The TA 3 HEP is planned for the Tamakoshi River stretch between Singati bazaar and approximately 100 meter above Tamakoshi bridge at Kirnetar. The technical feasibility of the project has been performed in the range from 600 to 1320 MW. The Feasibility Study for this project is in the final stage of completion. Power will be evacuated at Dhalkebar. The bulk of the power is expected to be exported to India after supplying the domestic demand on a commercial basis.

    The Scoping and ToR for EIA of Tamakoshi 3 HEP has been approved by the Ministry of Environment. EIA study is in progress. A field office for EIA study has been established at Gopitar of Bhirkot VDC. The detailed design of the project is expected to be completed by 2011 and construction is scheduled to commence in early 2012.

    For More Details : http://www.snpower.com.np/Tamakoshi_3_HEP