Preserving Village Infrastructure: Myagdi’s Call for Unharmed Development in Hydropower Projects


Myagdi, Jan. 14: Locals of Chim Khola Village in Raghuganga Rural Municipality-7, Myagdi demanded that the infrastructure in the village should not be damaged during the construction of hydropower projects. They made such demand after the Mona Hydropower Company initiated preparations to build the 5.5 Megawatt Bagar Khola Hydropower Project in the Bagar Khola River which flows through the village.

Ward chair Thakan Bahadur Paija informed that the locals objected to the project being constructed by drying up the river stating that it would have an adverse effect on the environment. He said that the project was introduced without consulting the locals.

He said, “We don’t object to the construction of the hydroelectric project, but we cannot allow the project to be built by disrupting the flow of the river. We must find an alternative.” Villagers said that the river would lose its existence if the project gets started.

Meanwhile, locals complained that the hydropower company tried to start the project without consulting people living in the affected area.

Mona Hydropower Company chair Chakra Thapa informed that they were trying to advance the project with the leadership of non-residential Myagdi people and requested cooperation in the matter.

The Mona Hydropower had done agreement with the Nepal Electricity Authority to generate electricity by mid-March 2027 and sell electricity at the rates of 8.40 per unit during the winter and 4.80 per unit during summer.

Source: Rising Nepal