Plan to bring electricity from China and electrify it in bordering Nepali villages


3-July,2023 , The Nepal Electricity Authority has started discussions to bring electricity from China and distribute it to some villages in the Himalayan region.In discussions with the Chinese authorities, the authority has proposed to bring electricity from China to the border villages and small markets of China, which are considered difficult to expand Nepal’s national transmission line.

An official of the authority said that in an informal discussion with the Economic Counselor of the Chinese Embassy, ​​they asked for help in the electrification of the villages in the border areas. He said that during the informal discussion, China was positive and for that, he was asked to send a written proposal through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We cannot directly make a written proposal, the Ministry of Energy, Finance and Foreign Affairs should take the initiative for this”, says an official of the authority, “If it works according to the discussion, we will be able to bring and use the electricity from China’s transmission line, and many people in the northern border region will benefit from that cooperation.” According to him, there are good electricity facilities in Chinese villages and market areas connected to areas such as Olangchungola in Taplejung, Kimathangka in Sankhuwasabha, Lapchi in Dolakha, Chumanubri in Gorkha, Hilsa in Jumla. However, there is a situation where a lot of effort and investment is needed to deliver electricity from the national transmission line to Nepal. Not only does such electrification not generate investment, but it is also difficult to make the service regular and quality.

“In order to electrify those areas, the authority has to invest heavily, if electricity has to be transported through long lines, the geography is also difficult”, said an officer of the authority, “even if we deliver electricity, it is difficult to provide quality service there.” It is also a challenge to carry out maintenance work if there is a problem as it is an area where snow keeps falling.

Officials of the Authority say that taking such challenges into consideration, they have reached the conclusion of asking for help from China

Officials of the Authority are excited after China gave a positive response to help electrify the villages in the border areas of Nepal. If such electricity is imported from China in the future, arrangements will be made for the Electricity Authority to pay the money according to the units raised by placing a meter at the import point.The authority will collect the fee from the local residents at the rate prescribed in Nepal. However, payment will be made to the Chinese side according to China’s tariff rate.

Officials say that since the quality of electricity service to China is also good, local benefits will be gained and it will add another dimension to the relationship and cooperation between China and Nepal.

 Manoj Silwal, head of the distribution department of the Electricity Authority, says that the authority is making efforts to electrify the places where electricity does not reach from the national transmission line of Nepal. He said that although there was a discussion with China on whether electricity can be supplied to the border areas, it was only a very preliminary and informal discussion. “No such agreement has been reached,” he said. “In the past, we electrified local areas by bringing electricity from Jogbani to Biratnagar, Raxaul from Raxaul, Birganj from Zhulaghat and Darchula, etc. Now there is only a discussion whether the same can be done in China.”


Source : Online Khabar (Translated )