No load-shedding during Tihar: Ghising


November 02, 2021

Kathmandu: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)’s Managing Director Kulman Ghising on Tuesday assured that there will not be load-shedding during Tihar as the country currently has electricity production more than the demand.

According to Ghising, the demand for electricity in Tihar this year is likely to stand within 1,500 MW. “Currently, only 200 MW of electricity is being consumed during day time while it is 500 MW during night,” said Ghising at a press meet organized on Tuesday.

Owing to the current tripping in a number of locations to the minor technical problem, Ghising said NEA has improved the management system to address the problem immediately. The NEA’s records show that the reservoir of Kulekhani Hydropower Project has been filled fully due to adequate rainfall this year.

Ghising also urged the consumers to fully utilize their electrical appliances without any hesitation in Tihar, which will be celebrated until Saturday.


Source: My Republica