NEA’s Power Surge: Targeting 950 MW Increase in Electricity Generation this Year


KATHMANDU, March 31: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has projected that the country will produce 950 MW of electricity in the current fiscal year 2023/24. The NEA is expecting 51 hydropower projects of varying capacities, both small and large, to be completed in this period, leading to the production of additional electricity.

Some of these projects include large capacity hydropower projects. The NEA plans to complete the 111 MW Rasuwagadhi hydropower project promoted through its subsidiary company within the current year.

Similarly, the NEA is scheduled to complete the 73 MW Madhya Tamor, 71 MW Nilgiri Khola-2 (Cascade), 51.4 MW Likhu-1, 38 MW Nilgiri Khola, 32 MW Karuwa Seti Hydroelectric Project, and 30 MW Khani Khola Hydroelectric Projects within this year.

As of now in the current year, the 14.3 MW Upper Mailungkhola, 10 MW Block-1 Hydroelectric Project, and 9 MW Upper Chepekhola Hydroelectric Project have been completed, and electricity has been produced commercially.

Several large capacity hydropower projects are in the final stages of construction. The achievement of the NEA’s target appears feasible, provided there are no construction delays due to unavoidable circumstances or other reasons.

Source: Republica