NEA’s initiative to prevent wastage of electricity due to lack of transmission line


Kathmandu, 24 April 2022, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has taken initiative to connect the completed private sector hydropower projects to the national transmission line as soon as possible. The work of transmission line under construction will be completed immediately to prevent wastage of electricity generated by private sector hydropower due to lack of transmission line.

After it became public that the projects completed in Lamjung could not be connected due to lack of transmission line, the top management of NEA visited the Dordi and Ngadi rivers and inspected the transmission line under construction to get information about the construction progress.
A team led by NEA Managing Director Kulman Ghising inspected the projects on Saturday.
The team is constructing Dordi Corridor 132 KV transmission line in Lamjung, 30 MW Nyadi of Nyadi Hydropower Ltd., 27 MW Dordikhola of Himalayan Power Partner, 25 MW Upper Dordi ‘A’ of Liberty Energy, 12 MW Dordi of Dordikhola Hydropower Project, 12 MW Dordi khola Hydropower Project. Was done.
The team discussed with the concerned persons about the construction progress of these projects so far and the schedule of completion. Managing Director Ghising urged to complete the construction of the projects as soon as possible.

NEA had completed construction of 11 km Kirtipur-Udipur 132 KV Double Circuit Transmission Line (Dordi Corridor) and substation in Kirtipur to connect Dordi Khola hydropower projects to the national transmission system.

However, 4 out of 33 towers of the project were washed away by the flood in Dordi river on 1 July 2078. The floods also caused severe damage to private sector hydropower projects, which are in the final stages of construction. At present, four towers of the transmission line and hydropower projects are being reconstructed. Of the four towers, the foundations of two have been laid, one has been erected and the foundations of two are being laid. This work is targeted to be completed by April.

“The completed transmission line has been flooded and the hydropower projects have been severely damaged. The transmission line and the hydropower projects are being reconstructed and maintained. ‘, He said. “Instead of blaming each other, let’s work together as soon as possible, let’s not delay the work saying there is no transmission line, the contractor had to complete the construction immediately by paying attention to the sensitivity of the transmission line.”

He said that the work of Dordi Khola Ray Dordi-1 Hydropower Project will be completed soon and it will take some time for Upper Dordi. The management of Dordi Khola project informed that they are working with the aim of starting power generation within 20 days after completing all the tests.

Under the alternative arrangement for the flow of electricity of the project, it will be connected to the switchyard of Madhya Marshryandi power house which is currently in operation. For this, about 6 kilometers of wire is being laid under Udipur-Markichowk (Tanahu) 220 KV transmission line. The contractor has committed to complete the work by April. After that, the construction of 132 kV transmission line required to be taken to Sweeji Yard has been completed.

Until the construction of Udipur-Markichowk (Tanahu) 220 KV transmission is completed, electricity of 25 MW Upper Dordi ‘A’ and 12 MW connected Dordi-1 project will also be connected to the switch yard of Madhya Marshryangdi.

“Due to the current energy crisis, the lack of transmission lines should not lead to the situation of not being able to connect 27 MW and 12 MW of electricity. The contractor had to work hard on this,” said Ghising, the executive director.

Butwal Power Company affiliated Nyadi Hydropower Ltd. has completed the construction of 30 MW connected Nyadi Hydropower connected to the national transmission line. The project has started trial production from Friday.

“The construction of Khudi-Udipur transmission line has been delayed due to obstruction by locals. Nyadi’s electricity has been connected to the transmission line of 50 MW Upper Marsyangdi A Hydropower Project under Chinese investment under alternative arrangement. Executive Director Ghising said.