Lower Modi hydro project to be completed in July


    Apr 3, 2017- Construction of 20-megawatt Lower Modi Hydroelectric Project will be completed within mid-July.

    The Parbat-based project, which will generate 117 million units of electricity per year, has completed 95 percent of head works and electromechanical works. The tunnel of the project will also be ready soon after watertight concrete linings are applied, the project’s public relations officer Surendra Belbase said.

    The project is currently running two years behind the original deadline, as earthquakes of 2015 affected construction works and trade blockade created acute shortage of fuel.

    “Because of these problems, we were able to complete only 50 percent of the works a year ago,” Pawan Kumar Yadav, the project’s chief, said.

    As construction works were delayed, the project cost, which was estimated to hover around Rs3.6 billion, has gone up.

    “Despite the deterrents, we have made remarkable progress in the last one year and have now completed around 90 percent of the total work,” Yadav said. “If works move ahead at this pace, the project will be able to generate electricity within mid-July.”

    At present, the project has prioritised construction of dam, powerhouse and tunnel. Construction of dam at Patichaur of Modi village has been completed. Construction of the 4,200-metre-long tunnel, which stretches from Patichaur to Pardi of Chuwa, will also be completed soon.

    “We now need to install some machinery. We will complete this task within mid-June,” said Belbase. The project has said cooperation extended by locals of the affected area, local administration and other stakeholders had helped it to expedite construction and engineering works.

    The project has hired Manang Trade Link and South Asian Infrastructure to conduct construction and engineering works. Manang Trade Link is building the dam, while South Asian Infrastructure is building the tunnel and overseeing engineering related works. The project has affected Kushma Municipality and Tilahar, Bajung and Deupur of Modi village.

    The Kathmandu Post