Load-shedding not reduced due to fall in generation


    KATHMANDU, April 29

    loadsheddingThe Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) stated that it has not been able to reduce load-shedding from 12 hours a day this season in lack of precipitation and melting of ice even after the onset of summer.

    Generation has fallen by 1.10 million units a day in comparison to the corresponding period last year with the water level in rivers yet to rise while the demand has also increased by the same amount. “There is a difference of 2.20 million units in the gap between demand and generation in comparison to the last year. We are, therefore, facing problems to reduce load-shedding,” Chief of the System Operation Department Bhuwan Kumar Chhetri said. Load-shedding was reduced from the end of April last year.

    He added that one may have to wait until end of May for reduction in load-shedding if the situation were to continue. He revealed that 1.10 million units can be enough to reduce load-shedding by four hours at current situation. The daily demand of electricity now is 11.60 million. NEA has been importing 4 million units from India. There is still deficit of 5.80 million units in the system, according to NEA. There will be six hours of load-shedding a day even during the upcoming monsoon, according to NEA.

    Source : Karobar Daily